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Six Wicket Vineyards

Six Wicket Vineyards At Six Wicket Vineyards, our mission is to grow superior quality vinifera grapes. Once harvested, our grapes will be sold to the top tier Maryland wineries and used in the production of their award-winning wines. As an environmental steward, we use sustainable practices in the field and continually look to improve on them, minimizing the impact on the land. Although we are a small family owned vineyard, we strive to be the best and have fun along the way. Edward and Kathy O'Laughlin began their journey into the world of Maryland viticulture in 2014. Although the vineyard is a new endeavor for them, farming has been in Ed’s family for generations. In September of 2016 after an extensive search for just the right property, the O'Laughlin's purchased a 35 acre farm in Myersville, MD that has all of the right ingredients for a top notch all vinifera vineyard - "Six Wicket Vineyards". The name Six Wicket Vineyards, as well as its logo, are reflective of Ed's love of the game of croquet. Once the vineyard is established it will also include a regulation size croquet court.

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10819 Church Hill Road, Myersville, MD, US, 21773 Email:
Phone: 608-437-6020 Web:
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Lush and juicy dry red wine. Very smooth and approachable, Bountiful lives up to its name. Tart cherry flavors with a clean, soft tannin finish. Wisconsin St. Croix, Frontenac, and Marechal Foch blended with just a touch of Washington Cabernet.
  Chalice Breakneck Red Chambourcin
Dry Red. Aged for 6 months in French Oak. Bursts with black cherry flavors and exhibits a pleasant, bright finish.
Dry Red. Marquette grapes from Vernon County, Wisconsin. Rich browned butter and gingerbread flavors on the front; bold, clean finish. A beautiful new wine from a beautiful new hyrbrid grape, carefully crafted by us over the 2012 winter months.
  Romantic Rogue
Semi-dry Red, floral lavender nose and robust black cherry flavors throughout. Moderate French oak on the finish. Marechal Foch and Norton.
  White Whisper
Semi-Dry White Wine, Wisconsin-grown Frontenac Gris and LaCrosse grapes. Earthy, peach nose with tangerine & umami on the mid-palate.


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