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Leatherwood Distillery

Leatherwood Distillery There's something about handcrafted spirits that goes deeper than your average shot or cocktail. It's bigger than taking the edge off a long day or partying up a Friday night. Handcrafted whiskeys and rums each have a sort of character -- a story -- that's truly one-of-a-kind. At Leatherwood Distillery, we're on a mission to tell those stories fully. Our deliciously unique modern moonshine is crafted with Special Force standards that we adopted in military service overseas. The result is a selection of bold, flavorful spirits with personalities that reflect the raw grit and sweetness of life. And now, we invite our community to taste it for themselves. Come together, share an honest toast, and let each story sink in deep.


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6381 Highway 41a, Pleasant View, TN, US, 37146 Email:
Phone: 615-247-8778 Web:
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