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WindCrest Winery

WindCrest Winery OIt all began in 1998, when we planted the first vine. Great care was taken in selecting the grape varieties and clones which are best suited for our Nebraska soil. Frontenac, DeChaunac, St. Vincent, LaCrosse, Edelweiss, St. Peppin, Vignoles and Petit Amie were chosen. In addition to the grape varieties, we also planted a cherry orchard producing remarkable cherries that are then crafted into great wines.

From Lincoln: North on 14th St. (7 miles). Turn Left onto Raymond Rd. (3 miles). Turn Right onto NW 27th St. (1 mile). Turn Left onto W Branched Oak Rd. (.3 miles)

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3110 W Branched Oak Road, Raymond, NE, US, 68428 Email:
Phone: 402.783.2875 Web:
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Produced from estate grown cherries, this medium-bodied dry fruit wine is bursting with aromas of fresh ripe cherries. This cherry wine has great acidity to pair well with chicken or pork.
  Cherry Delight
This velvety, semi-sweet friut wine has delicate cherry notes on the nose and palate. Cherry Delight is enjoyable with meats such as chicken or pork.
  Cherry Nectar
Decadent ripe cherry aromas intertwine with delicate cream flavors on the palate. This "Cherry Pie Ala Mode" is round and full-bodied with lengthy finish. A glass of Cherry Nectar is dessert in itself.
Intense chokecherry and jammy flavors compliment the supple texture, leaving a soft but lasting impression on the palate. A small glass alone or with any dessert is a fabulous way to end the day.
  Crest Nectar
This beautifully fragrant, full-bodied dessert wine is produced from Frontenac grapes and is complimented by subtle hints of licorice for a delicious port like rendition. The rich texture and mild tannins leave a robust impression on the palate. Crest Nectar is the perfect accompaniment for rich chocolate desserts.
  Crest Red
This beautifully fragrant full-bodied red wine presents a pomegranate flavor on the palate with a lingering finish. Crest Red pairs well with oriental dishes and red meats.
  Crest Select
This semi-dry, medium-bodied white wine with bright high-note aromatics and delicate fruit has a clean, crisp finish that is sure to delight the palate. The fruit flavors pair well with meats such as grilled pork, duck and salmon.
  De Chaunac
This dry red wine, with layers of eucalyptus and peppery aromas compliment the rich texture and mild tannins that delight the palate. De Chaunac pairs well with beef tenderloin, venison, prime rib, roasted duck or swordfish. It also completes any pasta dish.
This delightful medium-bodied white wine offers hints of citrus and exotic fruits complimenting a delicately sweetened palate. The fruity citrus flavors make it an outstanding pair with shellfish, pork or chicken.
Black cherry notes mingle with a velvety texture on the palate. This dry red wine is rich in flavor and medium-bodied. Frontenac provides a delicate and aromatic red-wine match to flavorful cheeses. Smoked and grilled meats also pair well to this dry red wine.
  La Crosse
This dry white wine is crisp and refreshing with vivacious flavors and delicate floral notes. LaCrosse is a wonderful selection to pair with white meats such as pork and chicken. Chocolate is also nicely paired with this white wine.
  St. Vincent
This semi-sweet red wine presents a unique flavor-packed sensation on the palate. Medium in body and fresh fruit aromas give this wine a clean finish. Any tomato based pasta sauce or pizza will be a perfect match to the fruity characteristics of St. Vincent.


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Terra Williams says...
WindCrest offers a variety of wines that will please most everyones palate. I personally have taken a liking to the Crest Select wine, however, Crest Red is a close 2nd. I will most certainly be returning for the hospitality, scenery and the WINE!!!