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Paducah Distilled Spirits

Paducah Distilled Spirits Paducah Distilled Spirits, DBA, The Moonshine Company, is located in historic downtown Paducah. We opened September of 2014 and have been producing fine traditional Kentucky moonshine in our 107 year old historic building, using only the finest locally grown ingredients. We are so proud to be here, in this time, in this era of the human story. We are living in a very important period in Kentucky's long and sacred whiskey tradition. Moonshine is legal, and we cant wait to share our families part of the historic Kentucky whiskey story. The best thing about this beautiful artful craft is that history is shared in something as simple as a taste. What you experience in a single instant is decades upon decades of trial and error to produce what you taste today. Whether you drink or not, whether you enjoy whiskey or not, you still can appreciate the skillful crafting of our fine unaged white whiskey moonshine, and what it represents. Our family is among the first pioneers to settle in Kentucky, into an area only known at the time as the land between the rivers, now known as The Land Between the Lakes. We are here in this time to do what our Uncle Mosey couldnt, openly share this masterfully crafted spirit tradition. We often hear companies talk about, "tradition", but we often dont stop to really think about it. The tradition of moonshine is that of recipe, that of method. We continue with the same recipe, and the same method Uncle Mosey used to support our family through prohibition and the Great Depression. The same moonshine a famous presidents father relied on. The same Uncle Mosey's moonshine the notorious gangster bootlegger Al Capone sent for. We owe it to the craft and to our family to continue to produce the best product we can. We believe we have. Before we had even opened for business we placed Silver in the prestigious 2014 consumer judged, international SIP awards for the Uncle Mosey 90 proof yellow corn and barley moonshine. Cousin Billy is our master distiller, the tradition has lived through him and his 54 years of distilling moonshine. Since age 12 he has worked to perfect this craft. In addition to our straight moonshine we are attempting to create other traditions with flavored mixed spirits. We have Sweet Apple, Peach, Lemonade Moonshine, as well as a beautiful whiskey distilled from white corn and rye, Couisin Billy's recipe. Interested in moonshine history? Come check out our hall of artifact stills and moonshine history exhibits, including an actual still that the revenuers axed when action was taken to enforce prohibition.


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