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St. Michaels Winery

St. Michaels Winery Our boutique winery is located in the historic Chesapeake Bay resort town of Saint Michaels, Maryland. Saint Michaels is a beautiful waterfront community on the Eastern Shore of Maryland with a rich heritage including fine shipbuilding, excellent Bay seafood, shops, restaurants, and scenic views. We craft wines from carefully selected grapes from specific growers. Most of our wines are available in small runs of 250 cases or less. The winery was founded in May of 2005. Mark Emon, Lori Cuthbert, Allison Jones, and Seth Jones are the founding partners and this is their first winemaking venture.


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605 S. Talbot Street, St. Michaels, MD, US, 21663 Email:
Phone: 410-253-2552 Web:
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  "Island Belle" Sangiovese
Named after the historic log canoe Island Belle, our sangiovese is light bodied with a clean finish. It is perfect with grilled chicken, pasta salad with pesto, or barbecued pork ribs.
An unoaked Chardonnay with snappy, fresh notes of lemon and grapefruit, this dry wine pairs well with sharp cheddar cheese, pecan- crusted catfish and all types of seafood. Stands up to creamy sauces. Especially nice with fried oysters.
  Chenin Blanc
This dry Chenin Blanc leads with gorgeous florals, then pops with zesty acidity and finishes with honeyed florals — quite the performance. Excellent with sushi, seafood and white meats.
  Gollywobbler Red
Bronze medal winner in the 2006 Governor's Cup. This fun, fruit-forward wine is made with a combination of Concord grapes and bit of our own Cabernet Sauvignon. A great picnic red that has hints of lime and lemon. Drink it well chilled over crushed ice, or as a spritzer or martini. .
  Long Splice
Long Splice is one of the most difficult nautical splices to make; it requires deep expertise to blend two pieces of a three-braided rope into one seamless line that will slip through a block and tackle pulley without binding. Our Long Splice wine perfectly combines Seyval - a French-American hybrid grape - with Chardonnay grapes, all lovingly grown in our vineyard near St. Michaels. Drink dry, crisp Long Splice with dishes using garlic, olive oil and tomatoes. Pair with Italian cuisine, clams, shrimp scampi, or a tapenade. Acidic and dry, it combines well with salty foods. Great with oysters.
  Maryland Cabernet Sauvignon
The grapes for our Maryland Cabernet were lovingly grown in our vineyard in nearby Wye Mills, at a quarter-century old, the most mature on the Eastern Shore. Our Maryland Cab?s light and graceful finesse, slightly smokey, pairs it perfectly with pasta in red sauce, risotto, veal or pork, or mildly spicy fusion dishes. (Not available for wholesale.)
  Pinot Blanc
Pinot Blanc is a variation of Pinot Gris and related to Pinot Noir. This grape is still an outsider to American wine culture, but not for long. A light, soft, rounded wine with a gentle perfume of grapefruit, pineapple, apple and hints of spice. Perfectly balanced between dry and sweet, Pinot Blanc is versatile with food pairings. Try it with fish, chowder, chicken, and pasta with creamy sauces.
  Pinot Grigio
Pinot Grigio is crisp, fruity and light with hints of lemon and peach. Enjoy this refreshing wine with chicken dishes or white pasta sauces.
Our Riesling is very flowery, with a wonderful nose of ginger, lemon, gardenia, cardamom, nutmeg and a little pepper. Match this Reisling with a cheese and fruit plate, spicy foods, lobster or a crab imperial. Also nice with lightly sweet desserts, ice cream and cheesecake.
  Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc is a light white wine that has aromas of melon and pear and tastes of fig and pineapple. Enjoy this refreshing white with fresh greens and goat cheese or bold soups.
  St. Michaels White
A Silver Medal Winner in the 2006 Governors Cup. Luscious St. Michaels White offers forward hints of pear and ripe melon. Enjoy this Chardonnay-based wine with goat cheese, or with seafood main courses.
  St. Michaels White
St. Michaels White is semi-sweet and luscious, bringing forward hints of pear and ripe melon. Enjoy this Chardonnay-based wine with goat cheese, or with seafood main courses.
St. Michaels Winery's sexy Syrah sashays forth with forest blackberry, light smoke and licorice flavors. It can take a flank steak in an Asian marinade, barbecued country pork ribs or smoked salmon with a grainy mustard sauce.
Our Viognier melts on the tongue with sumptuous, flowery notes of lavender and orange blossoms. At once herbaceous and grassy, buttery and crisp. This once-rare wine is making a comeback, with over 2,000 acres in California planted to the grape, up from just 30 French acres in 1960. Viognier is still hard to come by, and a treat once you find it. Pairs well with steak, spicy foods, Asian or Indian food or pork tenderloin in Dijon mustard sauce.
  White Gollywobbler
Made with Niagra grapes and a large dose of fun. Drink Gollywobbler White on the rocks with citrus; mixed with juice and club soda; in a white Sangria, or as a martini. A great picnic wine.
  White Zinfandel
White Zinfandel is a semi-sweet fruity wine. Taste the crisp honey and berry in this delicious and refreshing wine. Enjoy this wine with light appetizers, seafood, or a plate of light cheeses.


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