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Boulder Distillery

Boulder Distillery By now, maybe you are wondering who the old guy is on our 21 and up page. His name is Pete, better known as grandpa Pete in our family. Pete Viezbicke Sr. came to the United States on September 24th, 1907. His parents gathered enough money to send him to America in order to avoid WWI. Unbeknownst to him, the steamer trunk that traveled with him, contained the treasured family potato vodka recipe. Grandpa Pete passed away in the 70's, but his legacy lives on thru his grandson Steve Viezbicke, “The steamer trunk was found after my grandfather’s death; my mother loved that trunk. None of us knew that the recipe from Poland was tucked away in the lining of the trunk”. Once the recipe was found, the excitement of distilling was sparked. Steve tinkered with the recipe until he created a smell he remembered as a child. The inventor and mad scientist inside him would be appeased and maybe, if the passion spread to enough taste buds, he could provide for his family in a traditional way that surpassed corporate America and working for the man.


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2500 47th Street, Boulder, CO, US, 80301 Email:
Phone: 303-442-1244 Web:
Fax: 303-781-0969
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