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Buffalo Trace Distillery

Buffalo Trace Distillery Award-winning whiskey from the world's most decorated distillery. This bourbon is a tribute to all that is uniquely American, a celebration of our country's rugged history, its fight for freedom and independence and of the fierce pride governing its heritage. Inside each bottle is the essence of courage, a sense of adventure, a quest for the unknown, and a thirst for discovery. This is the legend and legacy of our rich ancestry, captured and embodied by Buffalo Trace Distillery.


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113 Great Buffalo Trace, Frankfort, KY, US, 40601 Email:
Phone: 800-654-8471 Web:
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  AAA 10 Star
At 6 years old, AAA 10 Star has a gentle spice and licorice attack on the finish that backs down to intense cream toffee. It is a flavor to be savored by all bourbon enthusiasts.
  Ancient Age
You've known us a long time, and you could always count on us for quality. But even more than that, you've known us to make great bourbon. Well, we just got better. We’ve begun using a chill filtration system for our bourbon, which improves our color, flavor, and all around taste experience.
  Ancient Age 10 Year Old
This is mesmeric stuff. It is quite a dry bourbon, really. But there is just the right toffee presence to form the perfect balance. This is the whiskey I ask for first when in Kentucky and in search of something with a character and class of its own.
  Blanton's Single Barrel
The Original Single Barrel Bourbon Winner of 5 Gold in International spirits competition in the last 5 years The nose is very deep and satisfying. The taste has a masterful start with powerful dry vanilla notes in perfect harmony with hints of honey amid the strong caramel. The long, creamy caramel holds the fort until some late soft peppers arrive to spice things up. The underlying dryness amid the spice and honey really makes for bourbon that should suit all tastes and one to keep the discerning whiskey drinker almost purring with delight.
  Buffalo Trace
Burnished gold in color, this Bourbon brings a mélange of aromas to the nose: honey, vanilla, oak, toffee, and a suggestion of coriander are all there. The body is big, and on the palate, this becomes a very spicy, masculine whiskey with a complex spicy mustiness and notes of leather, tobacco, overripe oranges, and a surprising smokiness not often found in a Bourbon.
  Charter 101
The rich amber gold color is the first impact delivered by this whiskey. The next force to make an impression is from the incredible body and mass of the drink itself. Bold and rich whiskey flavors such as toffee, caramel and oak strike the palette. Subtle flavors like vanilla and molasses are also present, but even they are shouting. The finish is sweet and fresh with a suggestion of green tea and cotton candy. With a touch of water or on the rocks, it is tamed as much as a mustang spirit can be. Indulgent and velvety flavors abound, but a powerhouse is felt lurking on the tongue, ready for a taste adventure. In a cocktail, this bourbon whiskey bows to no mixer. Instead it invites the cocktail ingredients along on a tango of flavor, presenting them as seasonings on an extravagant bourbon experience. This is a bourbon for the extrovert who wants a whiskey that has enough personality to keep up.
  Eagle Rare Single Barrel
The bright honey/topaz color shows sparkling bronze core features impeccable purity; the early aromas include gentle grain, toasted honey-wheat bread, and tobacco leaf with aeration, the aroma quickly transforms into a pedal-to-the-metal Bourbon bouquet as evolved scents of ripe banana and charcoal tweak the olfactory sense in the middle stage whiffs -- fragrances of lanolin, almond butter, melon, and oil accent the toastiness beautifully -- it's a somewhat restrained, or better, understated aroma but I sense lots of power lying just beneath the surface; my, my, my, what have we here -- in the mouth, this oily, toasty beauty seduces the taste buds at palate entry with dry flavors of cereal grain and mild oak resin -- the mid-palate tastes explode on the tongue in unabashedly sweet and oily flavors of black raisins, grape- fruit, charred oak, and candied almonds; the finish is long, corny sweet, moderately fiery, and lasciviously oily; easily one of the most tactile yet assertive and expressive Bourbons I've tasted in the last two years; fasten your seat belts.
  Elmer T. Lee
Medium gold in color; the nose brings notes of butterscotch, clover, vanilla, and old leather. The big body bears a palate with an almost wine-like character that balances intense fruits, honey, and vanilla with a light spiciness that shows off the distiller's craft. The finish is long and warm.
  Hancock's Single Barrel Bourbon
This Single Barrel Bourbon is deep amber in color, the nose is light and sweet, with traces of mango and papaya. The body is full, and the palate shows a nice, if simple, balance of honey, clover, a slight fruitiness, and a dash of spices. The finish is long and warm.
  McAffe's Benchmark
Medium amber in color, the nose bears caramel notes and a delicate stone-fruit backdrop. The body is medium, and the palate is robust and sturdy, with some fine leather notes mingling with dry tobacco, a touch of oak, and a hint of dried cherries. The finish is smooth and medium in length.
  Old Charter 10 Year
This medium-gold whiskey presents aromas showing a honeyed sweetness playing off some drier peppery notes and a hint of old leather. The body is very big, and the palate is elegant and rich, with the toffee sweetness playing off a potpourri of spices. The finish is long and smooth.
  Old Charter 8 Year
Medium Gold in color, this shows a complex, well-balanced nose that shows both dry, peppery notes and a rich honey-vanilla sweetness. The body is medium, leaning toward full, and the palate follows the nose being at once dry and sophisticated with some tingly spicy notes, and also showing a sweet side full of toffee, vanilla and a rich oakiness. The finish is very long and very satisfying.
  Old Rip Van Winkle
This fine whiskey has as pleasant a taste as any whiskey around. The 10 full years of aging combine nicely with its 90-proof. A hint of caramel flavor is enjoyed when one tastes this fine hand-crafted bourbon.
  Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 20 Year-Old
The nose is intensely fruited but also bears a tantalizing citrus zest note. The body is huge and almost chewable, and the palate is tremendously buttery with some sherry notes, a dash of dried fruits and some rich, creamy vanilla. The finish is long and elegant.
  Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel Bourbon
“The World’s Greatest Bourbon” Washingtonian Magazine. The nose presents hints of plums, candy, and papaya, and the medium body bears a simple palate with a touch of fruit, tobacco, and a pleasant minty backdrop.
  Sazerac Rye Whiskey
Sazerac Rye Whiskey symbolizes the tradition and history of New Orleans dating back to the 1800’s. Sazerac Rye Whiskey was used to make the original, first and only branded American Cocktail—The Sazerac.
  Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye
The maturity this whiskey has achieved while aging is quite obvious when you take the first sip. Flavors include cocoa, vanilla, spice, and white pepper. Rye whiskey lovers who try this bottling will never again look back at younger whiskeys.
  Van Winkle's Special Reserve
Van Winkle Special Reserve is the perfect combination of age and proof. This sweet, full bodied whiskey has been described by some as “NECTAR.” We agree! The 12 years of aging and medium proof of 90.4 seem to be just right in creating a very pleasant drink of whiskey. This fine whiskey can compete with any excellent cognac as an after dinner drink. The overall impression is rich and deep. Well crafted…elegant, stately…balanced beautifully…
  Virginia Gentlemen
This is Virginia’s only Small Batch Bourbon. The award-winning VG90 Small Batch Bourbon combines a unique copper still and multi-layered filtration system with aging of at least six years in new oak charred barrels.
  W. L. Weller 12 Year-Old
Paul Pacult, The Spirit Journal: The deep bronze color beautifully reflects the light -- perfect purity; the initial nosing pass finds fully nature aromas of lanolin, almond oil, and creamed corn -- in the middle stage sniffings, following several minutes of air contact, a toasty oaky/vanilla perfume takes the aromatic helm -- the fourth and last whiff highlights the oily grainy quality that’s firm and pungent -- a high-spirited, lusciously toasty, and animated bouquet that has top-notch Bourbon written all over it; the dry, complex, and toasty palate entry is reminiscent of the Centennial 10 Year Old’s grand entry -- the mid-palate flavor profile is heavily wheated (like Wheat Thins crackers), oily, layer, moderately sweet, and sap-like; the finish is long, sweet, oaky, and intensely grainy; follows in the footprints of the legendary Centennial and delivers the goods, all for an unbelievable price.
  W. L. Weller Antique
A medium amber bourbon, bearing a sweetish note with some unusual floral notes and a string dash of vanilla. The body is big and the palate is very well balanced, flirting between sweet honeyed fruit notes, a strong vanilla undertone and some sharp spicy tones; the finish is long and spicy.
  W. L. Weller Special Reserve
Replacing the rye grain in our recipe with wheat provides for an exceptionally smooth taste. And at 7 years of age and "Kentucky proof"– 90 proof, W. L. Weller is a truly outstanding buy.


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