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Mully's Brewery

Mully's Brewery A Southern Maryland Craft Brewery! We are dedicated to creating real craft beers. Traditional, small quantity, high quality beers is our specialty.


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151 Schooner Lane, Prince Frederick, MD, US, 20678 Email:
Phone: 301-934-9910 Web:
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  Carmelite Wheat
Carmelite Wheat is a beer brewed in the traditional German style of a Hefeweizen. Hints of clove spices, banana and vanilla come mainly from the yeast while the malty sweetness is subdued with high carbonation and low hop bitterness. The specific yeast strain used to ferment this beer comes from the yeast banks of the oldest brewery in the world and has been cultivated since the 11th century.
  Jack Straw India Pale Ale
Jack Straw India Pale Ale is our no holds barred tribute to hopheads. A taste explosion of fruity and spicy hops makes our IPA stand out from the norm. A true American IPA with resinous hop bitterness mated to fresh-off-the-vine hop flavors and aromas wrapped around a solid undertone of maltiness. Hop flavors and aromas of pine, lemon, and a hint of stone fruits jump out of this fairly dry beer.
  Marc Six Blonde
Marc Six, an easy to drink taste of summer. A perfect way to round out a day on the beach, at the park, cutting grass, on the water… If it’s something you do in summer, try it with a Marc Six in your hand. Perfection just got a little nicer! This pale golden ale is slightly sweet, lightly hopped, smooth, crisp and refreshing. A subdued hop aroma and just the lightest hint of fruitiness round out a delicate and crisp, yet surprisingly complex, blonde style ale. At only 4¾% alcohol by volume, it’s very sessionable. Also, being delicate and crisp means it won’t weigh you down with mouth chewing maltyness, or wreck your tongue with an onslaught of bitter hops.
  Patuxent Pale Ale
Patuxent Pale Ale combines complex malt flavors with a generous portion of flowery and citrus hops. A crisp, clean copper ale perfectly suited for those who enjoy a full-flavored, hop-forward craft beer. Hop flavors and aromas of pineapple, lemon, and stone fruits mated to a malt backbone of 2-row and Pilsner malts make for a very tasty and well balanced beer.
  Shucker Stout
Shucker Stout is dark and full of complex roasted/coffee/chocolate flavors. It’s brewed to ferment very completely to result in a dry and easy drinking finish. This stout is not motor oil. It won’t make you feel full after drinking just one but still carries a full spectrum of flavors and complexity. Shucker Stout is technically classified as a Dry Stout and, at just over 5% ABV, is light enough to enjoy over and over again.


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