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Hummingbird Ridge Distillery

Hummingbird Ridge Distillery Hummingbird Ridge is a small distillery established in 2018 in Jessamine County, Kentucky. We are dedicated to producing small batches of outstandingly-flavored Rums and Brandies. We do this by starting with the purest raw ingredients that we can source. Next, we use carefully-selected yeast strains to conduct long, slow fermentations to develop the most flavor possible from our raw ingredients. Finally, we use the time-honored, hands-on, excruciatingly-slow method of using a small, simple pot still to craft unique, flavorful spirits one drop at at time. It's not the easiest way to make flavorful spirits, but we believe it is the best way.


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2385 Chrisman Mill Road, Nicholasville, KY, US, 40356 Email:
Phone: 859-264-9463 Web:
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